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Witness Preparation

As the judge will tell the jury, it is the witnesses who are the evidence and the trial team needs to have that evidence ready.

JuryScope has many years of experience working with witnesses and preparing them to testify at trial. This includes witnesses foreign and domestic, lay and expert, from all backgrounds and levels of expertise. JuryScope’s assistance with witnesses allows the trial team to focus on the content of the examination while JuryScope works to prepare the best face of that witness and to ensure their testimony supports the message to the jury.


JuryScope offers a comprehensive selection of consulting options to guide the trial team through all stages of litigation.

Directed Focus Group Discussion

General Litigation Assistance

Juror Profiling Research

Deliberation Group Research

Early Case Review

Graphics Conceptualization

Jury Selection

Opening Observation Study

Large Group Surveys

Witness Preparation

Strategy Assessment Research

Moderated Judge Panel

Virtual Jury Research

Post-Trial Juror Interviews

Mock Arbitration Focus Group

Communicate Your Case to the Jury

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