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JuryScope consultants have presented on all topics related to trial preparation and juror attitudes. These courses are regularly provided to local, state, and national bar associations, law firms, and educational institutions.

Our most popular presentations include:

  • Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Juror Decision Making
  • A Practical Guide to Jury Selection
  • Race and Juror Perceptions
  • Top 10 Things Every Patent Attorney Should Know About Trying Their Case to a Jury
  • Creating the Star Witness
  • Speaking their Truth: Ethical Witness Preparation
  • Gender and Juror Perceptions
  • The Defense Burden of Proof
  • George Washington and Civility in the Courtroom
  • Jurors in the Age of Google
  • 10 Things Attorneys Should Know about Trying a Case to a Jury
  • Hollywood and Juror Perceptions
  • Open Like Abe: Pointers for Presentations from the 16th President
  • How Generational Characteristics Impact Your Jury Trial

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Studying the Post-Pandemic Juror by Generation

by Johanna Carrane, Lynn Fahey, and Christina Ouska
A close look at the life experiences unique to Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and others can offer valuable insight into how the pandemic could shape jurors’ opinions in very different ways depending on their birth cohort, say trial consultants at JuryScope.

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The Millennial Juror’s Thoughts on IP

by Johanna Carrane and Lynn Fahey
Millennials represent more than 25 percent of the U.S. population and grew up immersed in technology. Anyone preparing to face a patent jury should consider how this age group feels about the patent world. Our analysis of 5,000 mock jurors showed two important overall conclusions, say Johanna Carrane and Lynn Fahey of JuryScope.

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Mitigating Juror Distrust of Business

by Johanna Carrane and Lynn Fahey
Our research shows that 55 percent of jurors agree that executives will lie to help their companies. Similarly, half of jurors believe that companies will lie to win a lawsuit. While polling data does not bring a lot of comfort, there are well-established strategies for mitigating juror bias against companies, large or small, say Johanna Carrane and Lynn Fahey of JuryScope.

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Trial Consultants Q&A: JuryScope’s Johanna Carrane

by Johanna Carrane
Fifteen years ago, to get up to speed in a case you would wait for that giant box of documents to arrive at the office and email was still really establishing itself as the most common form of communication. Because of the speed with which we can communicate today, it calls for a high level of responsiveness, says Johanna Carrane, President of JuryScope.

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