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Moderated Judge Panel

The purpose of a Moderated Judge Panel is to obtain an issue-specific review of one or more variables in a case or an overall assessment of the arguments in preparation for a bench trial.

JuryScope works with the trial team to identify the most appropriate jurists to recruit for the panel, taking into consideration the venue, the judge assigned to the matter, and other factors such as jurists’ experience and background. JuryScope retains a panel of (a recommended) three judges based on the aforementioned criteria. Prior to the study, the trial team distributes all necessary materials to educate the jurists on the matter. In addition to a case brief or summary, the materials may include deposition excerpts, written evidence, case law, etc.

The day of the research, a member of the trial team presents the plaintiff’s arguments to be tested. Following this presentation, another member of the trial team presents the defense position. At this point, short witness video clips may also be played to obtain jurist feedback on potential witnesses.

Following the presentations, judges are individually interviewed by a JuryScope moderator. In this interview, the judges are asked to make a ruling on the case based on the information presented and the materials distributed prior to the study. Each moderator then leads the discussion with the judge, seeking reactions and insights on arguments, issues, facts, and case law.

In the final portion of the day, the judges are brought back into the main presentation room for a group discussion where the trial team can ask additional follow-up questions related to the feedback provided in the moderated sessions. Depending on the preference of the trial team, the judges can also be asked to provide a written opinion following the exercise.


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