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Graphics Conceptualization

In cooperation with recommended graphics providers, JuryScope helps to conceptualize effective graphic presentations for the courtroom.

JuryScope has long worked with some of the most prominent graphics firms to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • Courtroom Visual specializes in utilizing presentation software (TrialDirector) and technology in the courtroom. Their expertise also includes demonstrative graphics, especially custom timelines.
  • Sights & Sounds Multimedia specializes in audio visual equipment rental, sales, technician services, staging, setup and delivery.
  • From concept to courtroom, TrialGraphix helps trial attorneys present their cases most effectively with persuasive visuals and seamless courtroom technology.
  • Zibits — Where Evidence Becomes Art
  • VisuaLex is a full service litigation consulting firm with over 20 years experience in creating and displaying visual presentations for all types of litigation. They specialize in transforming key case information into strategic visual communication. The development of demonstratives for every matter they work on is rooted in an understanding of human learning theory and an appreciation for good design. Their passion for clarity and precision in the presentation of information sets them apart from their competitors. At VisuaLex, they make the complex clear, which is why some of the most prominent litigators continue to partner with them. Experience the VisuaLex difference on your next matter—they welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations.
  • Think Twice is a full-service graphic design and communications firm with a single-minded purpose: moving your audience to action with strategic, relevant and persuasive visual images. Their expertise spans the full spectrum of courtroom graphics and presentation capabilities needed throughout the litigation process, including story development, still and motion graphics, video production and courtroom presentation. 


JuryScope offers a comprehensive selection of consulting options to guide the trial team through all stages of litigation.

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Early Case Review

Graphics Conceptualization

Jury Selection

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Virtual Jury Research

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