Megan Matalamaki

Megan Matalamaki

Trial Consultant

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Megan Matalamaki is a trial consultant with JuryScope. With a background in both the social and biological sciences, her expertise lies at the intersection of human genetics and behavior. Prior to trial consulting, she worked in both academic and clinical research settings, giving her a unique perspective on juror decision-making. Ms. Matalamaki has experience consulting on civil and criminal cases, conducting large-scale surveys, developing juror questionnaires, and analyzing data collected at mock trials. Her pre-trial research and analysis are invaluable for trial preparation and strategizing.

Ms. Matalamaki graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with Bachelor of Science degrees in Genetics and Psychology. She began her career in psychological research at the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin, where she studied the effects of PTSD on brain structure and function. Ms. Matalamaki then went on to work in a clinical role at a national genetic counseling firm, before joining JuryScope. Ms. Matalamaki is based in Chicago.

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