Christina Lambe

Christina Lambe, JD

Senior Trial Consultant

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Prior to joining JuryScope, Ms. Lambe practiced complex litigation in both State and Federal Courts in Hawai’i. Drawing on her years of litigation experience Ms. Lambe now assists trial teams develop strategy to effectively present their clients’ story at every phase of litigation. With a knack for storytelling, Ms. Lambe is able to distill complex legal problems into digestible bites for the jury. 

She has successfully prepared both lay and expert witnesses for deposition and trial testimony. Ms. Lambe is experienced in conducting research through mock trials, and litigation focus groups, developing jury voir dire, jury selection, crafting trial themes, opening and closing statement analysis, and developing direct and cross examinations. She has also assisted mainland counsel to understand local culture and customs to present the best impression on the jury.  

Ms. Lambe graduated from Western Connecticut State University with honors. She received her J.D. from University of Connecticut School of Law serving on the Connecticut Journal of International Law. 


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