Amy Wigness

Amy Wigness

Trial Consultant

phone number 952.851.5544
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Amy Wigness is a Trial Consultant with JuryScope. She has assisted in all aspects of jury research and jury selection. On the front end, Ms. Wigness specializes in gathering and analyzing demographic and census information to ensure representative samples for mock or shadow juries across the country. She applies this information for detailed monitoring of juror recruitment in mock trials and focus groups. Ms. Wigness’ work also includes identifying appropriate venues and use of top-rated recruiters to secure the highest quality in mock jurors and logistical arrangements. She works with the Senior Consultants in preparing juror questionnaires for research exercises and conducts online research for prospective jurors in accordance with ABA guidelines.

Ms. Wigness’ attendance at focus groups and mock trials can benefit a trial team in many ways. She can provide quick results and analysis of juror findings and attitudes, and also works as a moderator.


Representative Practice Areas

  • Intellectual Property
  • Employer Liability
  • Criminal
  • Antitrust
  • Product Liability
  • Class Actions
  • Contract Disputes


Ms. Wigness holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice from the University of North Dakota. During her studies, she aided in several research projects related to juries and the courtroom process, including jury instructions, eyewitness testimony, expert testimony, witness identification and juror decision making. Ms. Wigness is based in Washington.


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